Business Identity 2.0

Benefits Of Business Identity

We developed online solution which will help enterprise members to manage their company online presence and brand reputation.

Creating and using Business Identity in rapidly expanding local directory in Bulgaria will give you the opportunity to:

  • save time and effort to register in dozens of directories
  • get exposure to more than 35 000 unique visitors monthly
  • unlock online visibility in major search engines
  • publish and distribute content media with a few clicks
  • interact with clients, providers and partners
  • receive inquiries and track business activity
  • Register or Claim your Business Identity

    What is a an effective online businesses presence?

    The key for establishing effective online presence is to make sure that all the essential information for your business can be found on major search engines and you have the ability to interact with targeted audience in order to gain trust and generate quality leads.

    Many companies and organizations still do not have real web presence and only rely on business listings to be found on the Internet. Others have static product or portfolio websites but they are not designed to be used as communication and online marketing tool and therefore are not quite useful. But the real issue is that more than 40% of all business listings and 75% of corporate websites are outdated, incomplete or simply do not appear in top search engine results.