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Professional Software Solutions for Radio, TV and Digital Signage Automation

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  • PARALLEL BULGARIA OOD posted a new status update: 3 years, 11 months ago

    Our company developed an innovative system for overall integrated management of the processes in radio and TV stations.

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  • We are very pleased with the solution provided by Parallel Bulgaria Ltd. Our requirements for unified management of all the workflow processes in our radio and television channels were totally covered. The system saves us time and money by reducing human error, expensive management hours, and optimizes the use of media files – both audio and video. The implementation was successfully completed thanks to the excellent communication with the company team.

  • We are a company focused on the creation of media products of a new generation. Our aim is to provoke our public to look at the world in a profoundly new way. So it was very important for us to integrate an innovative management system for broadcasting our productions. The implementation was performed at several stages and after some changes made due to the specifics of our business, the software was installed on our workstations and perfectly meets our requirements. With its flexibility, reliability and easy-to-use interface, our team adapted to it very quickly.
    We recommend it to all media companies for helping them to achieve higher levels of efficiency.

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