Партньор за България на Itron / Partner of Itron for Bulgaria
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    Company summary

    Country of registration: Bulgaria
    Company focus: Manufacture, Commerce, Services
    Unified Identification Code (UIC): 130491652


    Gasterm OOD is the official partner of Itron for Bulgaria – a world leading company for design and production of full range technically-advanced electricity, gas and water measurement devices, control technologies, communication systems and software. As a trusted partner of Itron, Gasterm provides their complete gas product and service portfolio:

    • Gas meters – diaphragm, rotary, turbine

    • Electronic gas volume converters

    • Pressure regulators

    • Gas equipment

    • Service and repair, technical support, training

    Email: Mail to
    (+359) 88 8406430
    (+359) 2 9467007
    (+359) 2 9465005