ASTEL is among the leading suppliers of analytical equipment, control-measuring and biotechnological equipment. Our partners are companies from around the world, whose production is in line with the new priorities [...]
Foods, Beverage and Ingredients, Foodstuffs
Foods, Beverage and Ingredients
Official distributor of coffee Mokaflor, Italy & loose tea product of interTee, Germany. Wholesale supplier of green coffee
Coffe and tea shops, Coffee, Consumer Products and Services, Foods, Beverage and Ingredients, Foodstuffs
Flavors, emulsions, fruit bases, concentrates Dyoler-Germany for the production of carbonated drinks, juices, ice cream
Essences, flavourings and food colourings, Foods, Beverage and Ingredients
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Kafeavtomati, new, used - operation, sales, supplies, service, spares, payment systems
Coffee, Equipment, Machinery and Systems, Foods, Beverage and Ingredients, Foodstuffs, Vending machine manufacturers and suppliers
KDN Business Group Ltd
Consumer Products and Services, Foods, Beverage and Ingredients, Logistics, Transportation and Cargo, Real estate, Tourism, Accomodation and Traveling
Owner and distributor of the brand HERBA REX™ capsules 500 mg against migraine headaches and pollen allergies (hay fever, allergic rhinitis). An innovative dietary / nutritional supplement produced entirely [...]
Dietary and health food shops, Dietary, health foods and additives, Foods, Beverage and Ingredients, Health and Beauty, Herbalists
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Bon Net
Coffee, Foods, Beverage and Ingredients, Other Foodstuffs
sunvel chemical co.,ltd
Foods, Beverage and Ingredients
FJ Commerce LTD
"FJ Commerce ltd" Company hereby present to you our offer for refined and crude sunflower oil also crude degummed rapeseed oil produced in Russia refinery owned by our partners [...]
Essences, flavourings and food colourings, Food products - raw materials and consumables, Foods, Beverage and Ingredients
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